Saturday, February 1, 2014

Using Virtual Manipulative Base Ten Blocks to Teach Addition

I often remember the Chinese proverb that states: Tell me, I’ll forget Show me, I’ll remember Involve me, I’ll understand With the use of virtual manipulatives in the classroom, not only can you show students how to add numbers that involve grouping, but you can also involve them on a Smartboard or at a computer. The idea of grouping to exchange a value to the next place value can not only be shown with this manipulative, but students can gain an understanding of the process by performing the action on their own. The base blocks on the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives website consist of individual "units" for the 1s place value, "longs" for the 10s place value, "flats" for the 100s place value, and "blocks" for the 1000s and show ten of each set for base 10. Not only can these virtual manipulatives be used to show place value with numbers, but ten pieces can be grouped together to be exchanged to the next place value for addition.
In this particular problem, the 1 unit will be grouped with the 9 units by clicking to place a lasso around all 10 units. When the lasso is made, the students will be able to see the 10 units come together to form a "long" to represent 1 group of 10 as shown below.
Students have to have an understanding of place value to know that a tens block cannot remain in the 1s place value, so they grab it and move it to the 10s place value. Notice on the picture above, the problem shows the group of 10 carried to the next column. Once students actually move the "long" to the 10s place value, the original problems shows how there were 0 units left and how there are now 7 groups of 10, or 70.
Here is the link where you can find this wonderful virtual manipulative: You can allow students to work problems that are presented or students can choose the option to create their own problem if you have a certain problem set that you want them to complete. Take a look at this wonderful manipulative. You will be amazed at how it can help your students have a firmer grasp for the concept of addition.


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